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Passing The Real Estate Exam - My Tips and Resources

I researched for weeks what was the best crash course and saw prep agent was convenient and simple! And the book helped a lot as well because its in form of notes! Not like the course books that totally confused me, I was so overwhelmed and lost! I was able to pass the course exams but felt like I didn’t learn anything.

First thing I did was use the prep agent course it is around $199 but totally worth it!

As well as this book off Amazon! I can not emphasize enough to go through the entire book and take all 5 practice exams! You will actually see some of the same questions on the exam as the book!

On the prep agent app they have videos explaining the material you need to know for your exam! I would also cross reference with the book off amazon and write notes down in there from the video to get a better understanding of what it was.

Also not sure if you know but you can have 2 math questions or none at all! So don’t stress so much on math!

Read through all the questions twice! And the read the choices carefully! You may even find the answer to one question in another question! So keep a lookout.

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